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Restoration and Creation KAY MUIR  COLLECTION

This range has been designed as an exclusive collection between Nape Textiles and Restoration & Creation. Nape textiles is a luxury label created by Kay Muir in 2017 when Kay was inspired to turn her love of sketching into wearable art on a weekend in Cumbria. The brand has now evolved to include upholstery design. 

Nape Textiles was born out of Kay’s love for illustration. Each design starts as a line drawing and is completed digitally. The ethos of both brands is to reduce waste which is a perfect collaboration with Restoration & Creations vision to restore rather than create waste. 


There are 3 distinct collections


The Celtic collection celebrates the great heritage of Scotland. This collection is designed from our favourite Celtic knots and placed on luxury fire retardant materials. On the back of each chair and cushion, the knots are combined with modern strips, mirroring the knots from the front. The chairs seats have matching fabrics, all materials are places on French antique wooden chairs that are designed to last for many lifetimes. The perfect combination is a set of 6 chairs with colour tones that blend so well together, this will create a truly unique dining set. The chairs and cushions can be made in a wide variety of colours, just get in contact to discuss your colour wishes. 


The white flower collection is a range of simply beautiful white flowers that have been set of a background of rich warm colours designed to allow the beauty of the flowers to stand out. The unique design of the split flowers on the chairs is truly unique stunning. The back of the chairs has the signature combination of modern strips and flowers creating another opportunity to enhance the chair. The chair seat matched the colour palette of background. All chairs have matching cushions.


The coloured flower collections, captures the beauty of nature in all its glory. The flowers are set on black background do enhance the details and colours set within nature. The back of the chairs and cushions have the signature flowers and strips. This range is made on the French Antique chairs made with wood. This range would also be perfect on a white background and chair. 


All chairs can be sold separately or as a set, and each collection has matching cushions. All made with luxury velvet. 

These collections can be custom made to your choice and colours.

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